Classes of Membership General Body EMC Journal Funds Elections
Membership Fees and Subscription Managing Committee Editorial Board Accounts Year Working Hours
Cessation of Membership Objectives of Managing Committee Audit Dissulution
Privileges of Members Regional Centers
The name of the Society shall be “SOCIETY OF EMC ENGINEER (INDIA)”.
The registered office of the Society shall be situated at “I.E.T.E. Building, Bellary Road, Ganganahalli Extn, Bangalore-560032.
Basic aim of the “SOCIETY OF EMC ENGINEER (INDIA)” is to promote the general advancement of Electromagnetic Interference-cum-Electromagnetic Compatibility and allied subjects; their application and to facilities the exchange of information and ideas on these subjects amongst the members of the Society. While doing so, the Society shall be fullowed by the fullowing objectives :-
  • (a) to create interest, enhance awareness regarding EMI/EMC aspects amongst, the members and promote professional interaction.
  • (b) to associate with other similar Societies in the field of EMI/EMC abroad.
  • (c) to carry out a scientific research with a view to develop/generate knowledge and data on Indian based equipments.
  • (d) support, laying down of EMC standards and specifications.
  • (e) to disseminate knowledge and share experience with other organisations through Seminars, Conference, Journals and such other aids which the Society may deem fit.
  • (f) to counsel the Government, Public and Private sector or industry in EMI/EMC and allied problems in designing, developing or manufacturing of electronic equipments.
  • (g) to publish a Journal called “EMC JOURNAL” and encourage members to publish papers.
  • to undertake such other activities of the Society.
Classes of Memberships:
  • a.)Members
  • b.)Honorary members/Fellow
  • c.)Life members
1.2 Members
  • (a)Any person engaged/interested in the field of EMI/EMC shall become member by paying subscription as mentioned in para 5.
  • (b)Any Institution or any Organisation or any other Society which subscribes to and is interested in furtherance of the objectives of this society. Each institutional member shall be entitled to nominated not more than two members.
1.3 Life members: Individuals who qualify as members as defined in para(a) above and who donate a sum of Rs 300/- in lumpsum each will become life members.
1.4 Honorary Members/Fellows: A person hulding an eminent position in the field or the one who has made significant contributions in the field of EMI/EMC or allied subjects may, be elected by general body as an Honorary member of the Society of the recommendations of the Managing Committee.
General Body
General Body of the Society shall be composed of members, life members, Honorary members/fellow and institutional members. Meeting of the general body will be :-
  • a.)The general meetings of the General Body of the Society and the Regional Centers shall be held at least once a year and not more than fifteen months shall elapse between two successive general meetings.Additionally the Managing Committee at its discretion,decide to convene an extra ordinary meeting of the General Body to transact specific business. At least twenty one days notice specifying the place date and hour shall be given to every member for convening the general or the extraordinary meetings.
  • b.)The QUORUM for the annual or the extraordinary meetings of the General Body of the Society, or of the General Body of the Regional Centers shall be one-tenth of the total number of members on the membership register. If a quorum is not present, the meeting shall stand adjourned to the same, one hour hence at the same place; and the members present at such adjourned meeting, whatever be their number, shall constitute the quorm.
  • c.)The fullowing matters shall be dealt with at the annual general meeting.
    1. Confirmation of the minutes of the previous general meeting.
    2. Consideration of the annual report.
    3. Consideration of audited accounts of the outgoing year.
    4. Announcement of the results of the election to the executive committee/council.
    5. Appointment of an auditor and
    6. Any other business allowed by the Chairman of the meeting.
  • d.)A special meeting of the General Body shall be convened if one third of the members of the General Body with voting rights, requisition such meeting specifying the nature of the business to be transacted at the meeting and the place of the meeting. On receipt of such requisition of the Executive/Secretary shall within twenty one days of the receipt of the requisition issue a notice for the meeting to be held within three weeks to all the concerned members.
  • e.)The Chairman of every meeting of the General Body will be the concerned Chairman and in his absence Vice-Chairman of the Society or of the Regional Center and in their absence any member of the Managing Committee or of the Regional Council as the case may be, present in the meeting and elected to preside at such meeting.
  • f.)The Chairman of the meeting shall conduct the meeting in accordance with the Rules & Regulations and the Bye-laws of the Society or of the Regional Center and his decisions on point of order shall be final. He may, in the case of disorder in the meeting suspend the meeting and adjourned it to such date and time, as may consider necessary.
  • g.)At any meeting, general, extraordinary or special meeting, a resulution put to the vote of the members shall be decided on a show of hands, unless a pull is demanded by a majority of the members present and an entry to that effect has been made in the proceedings of the Society or the Center as the case may be.
  • h.)In the case of an equality of vote, the Chairman of the meeting shall be entitled to s second or casting vote.
  • i.)The bye-law of the Society can be amended only by a resulution passed by ballet of two-thirds majority of all members on the membership register of the Society and confirmed by two thirds of the members present at the special General Body Meeting convened for this purpose.
EMC Journal:
The society will publish an “EMC Journal” once in six months. The publication of the Journal shall be entrusted to an editorial board constituted by Managing Committee as per para 13. All categories of members shall receive a copy of this Journal. The copy may be made available for sale if so approved by the General Body.
  • (a) the funds of the Society of Regional Center as the case may be shall be used for carrying out the aims and objectives of the Society and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly to any of its members through any means.
  • (b) All funds belonging to the Society or Regional Center shall be deposited in a Scheduled bank/that may be decided upon by the National Executive/Regional Council as the case may be. The account(s) shall be in the name of the Society/Centers as the case may be.
  • (c) the managing committee or the General Body, as the case may be will frame rules for the proper control and management of the funds of the Society/Regional Centers.
Elections will be held every year for electing eleven members for the Managing Committee :-
  • (a) The managing committee shall call for the nominations every year for the members to be elected at least 21 days before the General Body meeting.
  • (b) The election would be conducted by the Chairman at the annual General Body meeting.
Membership fees and subscriptions:
Type of Members Entrance Fee Subscription Fee per annum
Members Rs 10/-
Institutional members Rs 10/- Rs 30/-
ILife members Rs 300/- Rs 200/-
Life members Institutional Rs 300/-
  • 2.2) All annual subscriptions payable will be due on 01 Jan of the year, except in case of new members who will send their entrance fee and annual subscription together with the enrolment form for membership. However, if the member is admitted after the first six months, of the year, the subscription payable shall be half of the annual subscription.
  • 2.3) Application being admitted to the membership, will be deemed to have agreed to abide by and be subjected to the memorandum of Association and Rules and other provisions of the Society in force for the time being and from time to time.
  • 2.4) No subscription of entrance fee is refundable.
Managing Committee
The affairs of the Society shall be managed by a Managing Committee which will consist of the following :-
  • (a) Chairman (one)
  • (b) Vice-Chairman (may be two)
  • (c) Secretary
  • (d) Joint Secretary
  • (e) Treasurer
  • (f) Five elected members
  • (g) IETE & IE`s nominees
  • (h) Chairman & Secretary of the outgoing Managing Committee.
6.1 Chairman: Chairman for the new year shall be chosen by Managing Committee at the end of the preceding year from amongst the elected members of the Managing Committee. No person shall hold the office of Chairman for more than two consecutive years. The chairman shall be preferably from the same station where the Society will be located.
6.2 Vice-Chairman: Vice_Chairman (men) will be chosen by the Managing Committee. Tenure will generally be one year but shall be eligible for re-election. However, no person should hold the office of Vice-Chairman for more than 3 years in succession.
6.3 Secretary & Treasurer and Joint Secretary: These will be chosen from amongst the elected members of the Managing Committee. Normal tenure will be for one year but they will be eligible for re-election. However, no body will hold office for more than three years in succession. The secretary shall preferably be from the same station where the Society will be located.
6.4 A list of persons who are contesting for the election of membership of Managing Committee during General Body meeting (as and when due) will be sent to each member entitled to vote.
6.5 The managing committee for the formative year of the Society in 1987, shall continue in office for consecutive two years till 1989. The committee for the first two years will consist of 19 members.
Editorial Board
Chairman will be the ex-office President of the editorial board. The Editorial Board will be nominated by the Managing Committee and shall be responsible in all respects to the Committee. The editorial board shall consist of:
  • (a) The Editor
  • (b) Three nominated members of the society
  • (c) Editorial Secretary.
10.1 Articles/papers to be published in the EMC Journal will be edited by the Editorial Board and the Board`s decision will be final.
10.2 Authors/contributors will be solely responsible for the original of the articles/papers published.
10.3 Decision on published papers may be entertained by the Editorial Board at their discretion.
Accounts Year:
The accounting year of the Society shall be from 1st of January to 31st of December.
Cessation of Membership
  • (a) Any member shall cease to be member on his resignation from membership by a letter addressed to the appropriate Secretary of the Society or of the concerned Regional Center.
  • (b) Any member shall cease to be a member if he fails to pay all the arrears due to the Society or the Regional Center within sixty days of the receipt of the payment notice from the appropriate Secretary Society or of the concerned center. Such terminated members may be reinstated after payment of all arrears/dues to the Society at the discretion of the Managing Committee.
  • (c) The Managing Committee at any meeting by a two-thirds vote of those present, may suspend or terminate the membership of any person, who in its judgment has violated the Rules and Regulations or has been guilty of conduct detrimental to the best interests of the Society, provided the member concerned has been given an opportunity to reply the charges levelled against him. Any member is suspended shall cease forthwith to be entitled to the benefits and privileges of the Society.
Working Hours:
The office and/or other premises of the Society shall remain opened for the benefit of its members and other person/persons willing to contact the official during 8.00 AM and 11.00 AM in the morning and 7.00 PM and 9.30 PM in the evening at I.E.T.E. Building, Bellary Road, Ganganahalli Bangalore-560032, and the Chairman is authorised to correspond with registrar of the co-operative Societies as required by KSR Act 1960.
Objectives of Managing Committee:
  • (a) To ensure and promote the primary aim and objectives of the Society.
  • (b) To operate funds and manage the property of the Society and to present the duly audited accounts at the annual general meeting.
  • (c) To publish annual reports/accounts.
  • (d) To form Regional Centers wherever deemed fir-feasible as per clause 8.
  • (e) To exercise general supervision on Regional Centres.
  • (f) In the event of any office bearer laying down office for whatever reasons, the Managing Committee can co=opt any members considered suitable for the office for the remaining period of the tenure or till elections are held.
  • (g) To ensure that all monetary transactions are through Scheduled bank.
  • (h) To ensure utilisation of income towards promoting the objectives of the Society.
  • (i) May decide to expel a member of Managing Committee or a member of the Society in case any one is convicted of any criminal offence, of proven insanity, or any member action in contravention to the Bye-Laws.
  • (j) Managing Committee shall have powers to issue appeals raise funds and fulfill all formalities incumbent upon it.
  • (k) To accept from government organisation, and individuals grants, donations, subscriptions and securities of any properly movable/immovable for furtherance of the objectives of the Society.
  • (l) At any meeting of the Managing Committee, each member present will have one vote except Chairman who shall have in addition a casting vote. Voting may be by raising of hands or ballot.
  • (m) Managing Committee may appoint a Committees/subcommittee with such powers as deemed fit by this body for the purpose in commensurate with objectives. The committee/subcommittee may co-opt persons who are members of the society.
  • (n) Managing Committee may invite to their meetings not more than two specialist/experts who may be non-members of the Society whose association with the deliberations is considered useful.
  • (o) Managing Committee shall arrange for the publication in any manner society`s journal, documents etc., as may be considered fit in the furtherance of its objectives. The Managing Committee shall have powers to fix its price as also the rates of advertisements from time to time.
  • (p) To retain, appoint, promote, dismiss any employee for managing and functioning of Society and to regulate their terms and conditions of employment including remunerations.
  • (q) To make rules and bye-laws and get approved by the General Body from time to time for control and conduct of the Society.
7.1) Secretary: Secretary may be part time on honorary basis unless later on decided by General Body to be a whole time one. The secretary shall be directly responsible to the Managing Committee. He will work under the directions of the Managing Committee unless otherwise directed by the Chairman. It shall be the duty of the Secretary to conduct the correspondence of the Society and of the Managing Committee and to sign all communications and papers emanating from the Society unless otherwise directed by the Managing Committee; attend all meetings, take notes of meetings; operate funds jointly with Chairman/Vice-Chairman and Treasurer (as per the directions of the Managing Committee) to arrange collections of dues to the Society. He will also be responsible for efficient functioning of the office and liasion with Regional Centres. However, detailed duties will be published in administrative instructions separately. In the absence of the Secretary or the secretary being away from a station where the society is situated Joint Secretary shall perform the above mentioned functions of the Secretary.
7.2) Treasurer: He will be elected from amongst the elected members of the Managing Committee. He will act basically as Adviser for control over finance. He will account for all the subscriptions income as well as expenditure, prepare accounts for the Managing Committee meetings. Annual General Body meetings for approval. He shall jointly operate funds of the society with one of the following office bearer, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary.
a) Once at least in every year, the accounts of the society/Center shall be examined and the correctness of the income and expenditure account and balance sheet ascertained by one or more auditor or auditors.
(b) The auditor(s) shall be appointed at the respective annual general body meeting of the General Body and this remuneration, if any, shall be fixed.
(c) The managing committee may fill-in any casual vacancy in the office of the auditor(s)
The Society shall be dissolved in accordance with the provision of the Public Societies Regulation Act 1350 Fasli and in the event of the winding up of the Society, the assets if any remaining after the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities shall be made over to some other Society/Association with similar objectives to be determined by the votes of not less than two-third of the members present personally or by proxy at a meeting of the General Body called for this purpose.
Regional Centers:
In pursuance of objectives, it will be the basic policy of the Society to encourage, support and regional bodies known as Regional Centers. Management Committee at their discretion, upon receipt of a request to that effect from a minimum of 10 members residing in any geographical area create a REGIONAL CENTER of the Society in such an area for holding of regular meetings, for reading of papers, and for discussions on EMI/EMC aspects. Each such Regional Center will function in accordance with the Bye-Laws and such other regulations as laid down by Managing Committee. A regional Center will consist of the following office bearers.