Call for Nominations of SEMCE(I) Awards 2008 & 2009. Closes on 9 Oct 2010. Please visit INCEMIC 2010 webpage for more information on the upcoming conference
SEMCE(I) Award recognizes outstanding achievements amongst its members and other professionals in the area of EMC and related subjects. The awards together with description, selection criteria, nomination procedure, etc. are outlined here.
1. Award Description
This award is given annually to a person or a group for outstanding contributions in the field of EMC covering education, research, design, development and or production, management. The awards are (a) EMC Engineer of the Year and (b)Young EMC Engineer of the Year. The award (b) is introduced from the year 2007 to encourage youngsters The awards (a) and (b) carries a cash reward of Rs. 20,000/- and Rs. 10,000/- respectively along with a certificate and citation to be read out at a special function of the SEMCE(I).
2. Selection Criteria:
citizen of India, engaged in work relating to EMC Engineering, is eligible for the SEMCE(I) Award. The contributions, achievements of the nominee should have the potential of significant impact on future developments in India in the respective fields recognised for the award. The contributions of the nominee should be properly documented and verifiable. The nominee should have demonstrated potential for creative output. There is no age limit for the “EMC Engineer of the Year” award. For the “Young EMC Engineer of the Year” award, the age should be less than 35 years as on 31 Dec for that year of the award. Nominations for the award can be made by Heads of Academic / Scientific Institutions, R&D Laboratories / Establishments, Defence Services, Major Industries, Professional Societies and Life Members of SEMCE(I). Self nomination is not admissible.
3. Selection Criteria:
Nomination procedure:
Nominations for the award can be made by heads of academic / scientific institutions, R & D labs (CSIR/DRDO/DOT/DOE etc.), Indian Army /Navy / Air Force, Government bodies, Professional Societies,Industry and members of SEMCE(I).
4. SEMCE(I)EMC Engineer of the Year Award:
1993 Late Brigadier (Dr.) G.K. Deb
1994 Dr. S.V.K. Shastry
1995 Prof. G.R. Nagabhushana
1996 Shri K. Nageswara Rao
1998 Dr. D.C. Pande
2000 Shri A.K. Sanyal
2003 Shri NK Agarwal
2004 Shri T. Parathasarthy
2005 Prof. Ajay Chakrabarty
2006 Shri. S. Karunakaran
2007 Prof. G.S.N. Raju
2008 Nil
2009 Dr. B. Subbarao
5. SEMCE(I) Young EMC Engineer of the Year Award:
2008 Shri V Jithesh
2009 Shri Vaddi Raghavaiah
4.Other SEMCE(I) Awards:
2008 SEMCE(I) Commendation Certificate for the Year 2008 Shri S Sathyamurthy
2008 SEMCE(I) Commendation Certificate for the Year 2009 Shri GSN Raju, LRDE
2008 SEMCE(I) Industry Award for 2009 M/s EMI Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore