The Society of EMC Engineers (India), SEMCE(I) in short, was founded and registered, registration no.365/87-88 in 1987 at Bangalore.
The principal objectives of the SEMCE(I) are:
  • To promote the advancement in the study of Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and allied technologies.
  • To enhance awareness regarding the menace of EMI and the need for EMC in electronic systems among scientists and practicing engineers.
  • To promote professional interaction amongst the members.
  • Diverse effects of Electromagnetic Radiation.
The above objectives of SEMCE(I) are achieved by
  • Organising conferences, seminars, courses and workshops by various chapters of SEMCE(I).
  • Publishing a journal titled “Electromagnetic Compatibility Journal”, biannually.
About the Organisation
  • The Society of EMC Engineers (India), SEMCE(I), was founded as a Professional Organisation to provide for a platform and meeting point for the professionals working in the field of Electromagnetic Interference and Compatibility in India.
  • The main body of SEMCE(I) is located at Bangalore in the State of Karnataka.
  • The patrons of the organisation are Dr. R.P. Shenoy, Bangalore and Mr. V.P. Sandlas, New Delhi.
  • The Founder Chairman of SEMCE(I) is Late Brigadier (Dr.) G. K. Deb who was currently the Director of ER & DC at Calcutta.
  • The Management Committee of SEMCE(I) comprises of a Chairman, Vice-Chairmen, a Secretary, Joint Secretaries, a Treasurer and Members.
  • SEMCE(I) publishes a Technical Journal, titled Electromagnetic Compatibility Journal, biannually for distribution among members. The Journal is managed by an Editor and an Associate Editor.
  • SEMCE(I) has Regional Chapters at New Delhi, Calcutta, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune and Visakhapatnam at present.
  • The present Chairman is Dr. DC Pande